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We create impression and surprise by
manufacturing all over the world

Our motto:
We always aime to design with viewpoint of customer(general user) using the facilities.
We don't try to design only cool appearance but also try to keep human-friendly design with exellent functionality!
We will create the ideal of facilities which customer want and various "OMOI" of people using it.
To create the space people can be satisfied, sympathize and feel at peace, It is our work.

Design,Planning of large commercial facilities
Series of duties from design of commercial facilities to drawing and design control

Industry type
Building, engineering , design / plant, facilities-related / real estate, construction system 
Description of business
Large shopping center developing nationwide are maine clients
plan and design of the commercial facilities of Japan and abroad (China, Southeastern Asian area) and construction control
The head office…Shiba, Minato-ward, Tokyo 
China U-COM · · · Shenzen / Shenzen Chunfeng Road, Luohu District, Beijing / Beijing Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District,
Malaysian U-COM/ Kuala Lumpur
December, 1988
Start Date of business
January, 1989
CEO…Hiromi Kuginuki
Number of employees
Japanese (12) Chinese (four) Malaysian (one) other employees (several)
Office hours
from 9:00 to 18:00 overtime work depends on projects
Trial period - three months (training in the head office)
Treatment and welfare
Pay raise, bonus depends on achievements
Social insurance
allowance system  for the new post outfit
support of returning home
Holiday and vacation
five-day week/Mon to Fri 
several times attendance a month on Saturday and Sunday
holiday (with our local calendar)
paid holiday. condolence leave